Creating My Google Business Profile With Semalt 

Goggle being the mother of all search engines, keeps on releasing new ways for eCommerce to thrive. One of such ingenious ideas is creating a google business profile. Google My Business is a free and easy to use tool made to help businesses and organizations to manage their online presence on google. This means such businesses pop up on not only the Google search engine but also google Maps. All that's required is for businesses to create a business profile account, verify and edit your business information.  

These tools gained quick recognition because it didn't only benefit businesses but also the customers. Google search engine users who are looking for a particular service can now find businesses and read their stories as well as services without having to visit the website. Visitors who then go-ahead to open the business link are already certain they want to hire, reducing the ratio gap between clicks and leads who end up patronizing the business. 

Why You Need My Business Google Account 

If you're having doubts as to why you should have a google business account, here are are some convincing reasons. 

1. It makes you "discovereable."

Online searches are digital, regardless of the age of your store, to get consumers online, you need to be able to get found digitally. These customers will rely on the digital representations of your store to determine if you have the services or products they require. They then decide on whether or not to patronize you. You may use google my business to bring physical feet into your store and bring more traffic to your eCommerce platforms.

My business account users enjoy all these because these accounts ensure that whenever your company's name is inputted as a search query, it discovers and displays your company on google SERP and google map. Once this is done, they will be given directions to your shop, store, mall, etc. 

My business is also a necessary tool when executing local SEO. With it, you appear on page one, not the second or the remaining undiscovered pages of google search. 

Even for those who have an existing online presence, google my business still ensures you get better results. Also, Google My Business comes with access to analytics that allows you to fine-tune your paid and organic advertising strategies. 

2. It keeps your customers informed.

One significant issue we've discovered with many poor ranking websites is that they leave customers guessing important details about their businesses. Or other times, customers have to go to review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more to learn about their companies. Well, who would prefer taking twice as long to get the information over a one-way trip? This explains why having a google my business account is an excellent idea. It makes sure that when your business name is searched, they find original and legitimate information direct from the pen of your company. 

You're my business information includes your:
  • Contact information
  • Business hours
  • and many other essential details. 
You can also post, share, and update the details listed above. By updating such data regularly, customers never experience an inconvenience or disappointment.    

Misinformation is a very dangerous vice of surviving the internet. You must silence them if you hope to survive. Misinformation could lead to bad customer experience and loss of customers. Imagine losing a customer because of the wrong news of your store "closing down" on the internet. 

Google My Business Account lets you keep your customers informed.

3. Boost consumer confidence 

Having a Google My Business Account lends you credibility from Google. It is a way of informing your consumers that google approves of your business. Customers are 70% more likely to patronize a business with My Business listing.

In another study, we discover that businesses with a complete listing on Google are twice as likely to earn the trust of customers. We will like to tell you about trust as one of the essential tools for surviving on the internet. Find out more about the effect of trust has on your website here.

Trust is a key factor in deciding whether or not to patronize your business. The more confidence a customer has in your business, the more likely they are to take down the address of your business and visit you. With my business account, you are deemed credible by Google, which is more than enough to sway, and you realize that up to 38% more likely to visit your store and 29% more like to patronize your business.  

Are you still doubting why you should have a google my business account? A study by Think With Google, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. 

How do I set up Google My Business account? 

Now that you've realized just how beneficial having a google my business account is, it is time you learned how to set up one for your business. Semalt is here to guide you in all the steps, ensuring you get it done the right way. However, you can also get Semalt all the necessary information, and we will have an account created on behalf of your business.  
  • Step 1: Sign into google my business. Obvious right? Well, the first step you take is visiting to sign in. you could use your preexisting business email or create a new email to sign in.
  • Step 2: introduce your business. Enter your business name and if it doesn't appear in the drop-down menu, click Add business to google then appropriate category for your business. 
  • Step 3: Enter your business location. Like we mentioned earlier on, Google My Business is an important marketing tool as it doesn't only bring you online traffic. Still, it draws traffic to your physical business location. However, they will need to know where to go before they head out, which is why you need to input and update the current location of your business. If you have a physical business location, select Yes. By adding a location, you also put a pin on google map showing the exact location inputted.
  • Step 4: fill in your contact information. You should input your business phone number and website address to provide a means for your customers to reach your business. If you use a Facebook profile rather than a website, you can add that instead. 
  • Step 5: finish and manage your listing. You can click Yes if you would like to get regular updates and notifications. Then you click finish, after which you will be asked to verify your business.

How to verify your business on google

  • Step 1: log in to the Google My Business account you have just created by visiting 
  • Step 2: click verify now. If you have multiple google my business accounts, make sure you are logged into the right one. 
  • Step 3: Choose how you would like to verify it. If you click on this, postcard by mail is selected as the default verification option, but you can select other options. If your business is qualified, you get other options such as phone or email and choose the option you prefer. Fill the required details specified in the form on your screen and double-check to ensure everything is done the right way. Once you are sure of the information provided, you can submit.  
Once you submit this form, it can take a few days to two weeks for the postcard to arrive. When you receive your postcard, sign in and click Verify Location from the menu. Enter the five-digit verification code you got in the postcard. 

After your verification, you should note that a few weeks might pass before your business listing appears on google. While you wait, you should download the Google My Business app to help you manage your account better.  

How to Optimize your Google My Business Profile

  1. Fill out your whole profile: provide Google with as much information as allowed about your business. This is because it makes it easier for google to pair your business with the relevant search queries. In other words, it improves your SEO strategy. Google explains this by saying, "google favors the most complete google my business acconts when ranking them for each search. The accounts with accurate and complete information are easier to match with the right search queries."
  2. Standout with a photo: help people to not only read but also to see what your business is all about. When creating A My Business account, you will add a logo and a cover photo. It is like setting up a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, or Pinterest account. Without these images, it will be harder for people to recognize your brand online. 
  3. Post news, updates, and special offers: having a google my business account is great for your business. However, it will be of no use if it has no content. Businesses open up these accounts to provide information for visitors to read. Your business account needs information such as your address, hours, and contact info, which needs to be kept updated. Make sure to change the information here if it ever changes in your business. 
These are some of the best ways to make not only your website but also you're my business profile rank in searches. 

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